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Harmony Village

Experience the pure joy of living in harmony with nature, away from the noise and pollution of the city life. Welcome to Harmony Village, a lush green farm nestled in the Chon Village at Badlapur, where the beauty of nature is at its finest, enhanced by the wide variety of flora and fauna that soothe your senses and help you reconnect with yourself.

A winner of several awards and recognitions, Harmony Village is the result of 24 years of love and hard work towards creating an environment-friendly zone complete with zero discharge unit, sustainable development practices, and reduced carbon footprint.

Come take a break and enjoy the farm life at Harmony Village, where we have excellent stay facilities, agricultural tours, traditional art forms and a host of fun activities waiting just for you!

Agricultural Activities


Come see how we grow imported as well as Indian flowers and vegetables with the Poly-house – a structure enclosed by agro nets to allow required sunlight, moisture and air to pass through the gaps. It creates the perfect microclimate that enables plant growth.

We create our own Vermi Compost which is utilized as fertilizer for the productions of plants in the farmhouse. Vermi Compost is very eco-friendly as it’s a process that involves chemical, physical, and biological transformations of solid organic materials (agricultural residues of plant and animal origin) through the use of worms and micro organisms.

Come experience the perfect showcase of how agriculture evolved through the centuries through different practices of agriculture that have been adopted. The Agricultural Tools Show displays both, the tools that are involved in the traditional farming as well as modern farming.

Keeping with our tradition of following the best eco-friendly practices, we use Bio-gas is a renewable energy source. A mixture of different gases, Bio-gas is produced from raw materials such as agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, green waste or food waste.

Aviary is place to keep birds and fowls of different types in a comfortable environment. There are nest boxes inside for egg placing, and perches on which the birds can sleep. At Harmony Village, you can experience exotic birds such as Guinea Fowl, Rhode Island, Fighter, Kadaknath, Turkey, Swans, Rabbit etc. in our aviary.

We at Harmony Village have been at the forefront of organic farming through a diverse range of practices such as cultivation of crops and revitalizing the soil through the use of organic materials, animal & farm wastes, aquatic wastes, beneficial micro-organisms along with bio-fertilizers.

The hatchery at Harmony Village is used to hatch eggs under artificial conditions, as well as breed rare or endangered species under controlled conditions. Our hatchers here demonstrate the process with the eggs available at the farm.

We at Harmony Village use Photovoltaic(PV) solar panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity. This ensures that the farm is supplied with energy that is generated through eco-friendly methods. The project capacity of our farmhouse is 41kwA, which is self sufficient for our farm’s needs.

Fish breeding is very helpful to the conservation of fish and useful to the eco-system. Harmony Village is very particular about fish breeding & fish keeping, as we provide proper feeding and the right environment maintained with ideal water conditions.

Plants need sunlight and soil to grow, right? Not always! Discover the unique way of growing plants in nutrient-rich water with the Hydroponics Project at Harmony Village and see the process for yourself.

In our effort to control the damage to soil through excessive farming, Harmony Village has set up a soil conservation project that retains the nutritious properties of the soil and prevents erosion, reduced fertility caused by chemical soil contamination.

Amusement Games


The mini train at Harmony Village is trip back to childhood for everyone who joins aboard and takes a ride, smiling all the way!

Come ride the Merry-Go-Round at Harmony Village and experience the joys of amusement parks in the comfort of nature!

Swing boat rides, a common feature of the fairground, helps you experience the joys of being on the sea while you are on the ground itself!

You may have seen the rainbow, but have you ridden it? This unforgettable rainbow lets you ride the colours of joy!

The giant wheel of your memories is back again to spread happiness and bring back the youthful joy that you have always missed.

The Up-down lift adds a dash of adrenalin to fun as it goes up and down, making the ride extremely enjoyable.



Splash around in our swimming pool and beat the heat! The swimming pool at Harmony Village is big spot of relief in the summers!

Get drenched in joy by experiencing the pleasure of playing under an artificial waterfall at the Harmony Village. A great place for people to get together and fun in the water!

The magic mushroom at Harmony Village is made of water! Play with a fountain that’s specially designed to create a mushroom like structure to drench you in fun.

Weat Harmony Village have an entire space set aside for you to enjoy dancing in the rain with your friends and family while peppy music keeps your foot tapping!

Water Park Station is an attraction for Harmony Village. It’s a fun area where you can enjoy water in different ways!

Sports Activity


Harmony Village offers the right indoor recreation for you to unwind as our ample indoor sports area in equipped with facilities to play Table Tennis, Carom, Chess & much more!

Sports enthusiasts will find Harmony Village extremely exciting as we have courts and zones for different games like Badminton, Volley Ball, Archery, Rifle-shooting, ATV Riding and more.

We make sure that children spend an unforgettable time at the Harmony Village with a wide range of fun activities like slides, swings, small commando net, tree-machan & much more.

Adventure Activity


Adrenalin seekers look no further! We have the ultimate high rope adventure course set for you with Zip-line, Artificial wall climbing, rappelling, 4 types of rope bridges or 'Burma-bridge' as they are called, and the famous commando net, among others.

Burma bridges are rope bridges that challenge your balancing skills. Harmony Village has 4 different types of Burma bridges to help you enjoy adventuring, commando style!

With the help of our experts, we at Harmony Village not only show you the traditional art of coconut climbing, also lets you try your hand at it!